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Our Story

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Great food and drink are my life's passions. I left a successful engineering career to apply that passion towards amateur cheesemaking: cool whip container molds, bricks and metal rods for a press, & aging cheeses in the vegetable crisper with the fridge temp set as high as my roommate would allow me to. While casting about, working jobs at wineries, breweries, and distilleries I fell in love with the production industry. In 2011, I decided to unite my joy for great food & drink, my love of cheesemaking and experience working in production: Kent Walker Artisan Cheese was born. We grew from a small batch maker in a church kitchen to a full fledged production facility and tasting room. It is a true pleasure to make cheese from the delicious raw cow, goat, and sheep milk of Central Arkansas.

At Kent Walker Artisan Cheese, we proudly offer the highest quality cheese possible. We have a strong team of cheesemakers, affineurs, mongers, and volunteers. Every wheel of our handcrafted, natural rind cheese ages to perfection in our walk-in cave. We believe that working with local farmers and keeping animal welfare a top priority creates a better cheese and sustainable, people-first model of business.

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Come visit our full service cheese shop and tasting room in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. We sell slices, wedges and wheels of our own cheese along with a variety of great imported cheeses. Enjoy a tasty cheese and meat plate, sip a glass of fine wine or a pint of local brew. Don't forget to try our Raclette plate, too! We have plenty of seating in our tasting room and a great patio space. If you want to see our professional equipment and learn how it all works from an artisan perspective, we have official tours every weekend afternoon. Of course, children are welcome throughout the shop; their eyes just light up while tasting the cheese they just saw being made. Local musicians are featured most weekends.

We produce cheese 2-3 times a week during weekdays. If you would like to see cheesemaking happen, just call to check our schedule. We have fresh cheese curds available in the tasting room on production days!


Live Music & Events

Hours & Tours

We always love it when people visit.  Come see us make cheese, buy some to take home, or just enjoy a cheese plate with a glass of wine or local beer.

Open Hours

  • Thurday: 1pm - 9pm
  • Friday: 1pm - 10pm
  • Saturday: 11am - 10pm
  • Sunday: 11am - 8pm


  • Saturday: 3pm
  • Sunday: 3pm

Be sure to make time in your day to tour Diamond Bear, Stones Throw and Rock Town, as well. You can see all of us in a day!

Online Ordering

Our cheese is now available to be ordered here for pickup or shipping.  All of our "Year Round" cheeses are available and come hand wrapped in reusable cheese paper to maximize shelf life.  Direct Eats even offers free shipping!