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Making homemade, artisan cheese has been a passion of mine for quite a while.  I first got into it while working at Montinore Estate Winery.  It was a fun passtime that lead to some wonderful results.  In the summer of 2011 I decided to make it a career.  Luckily, I was living in SoMa (Southside Mainstreet) at the time.  The support from everyone here has been amazing!

Kent Walker Artisan Cheese is currently in full production.  The cheese is produced in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas.  We pride ourselves on making delicious handmade cheese from all Arkansas Ingredients.

Hours & Tours We always love it when people visit.  Come see us make cheese, buy some to take home, or just enjoy a cheese plate with a glass of wine or local beer.

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Be sure to make time in your day to tour Diamond Bear and Rock Town, as well. You can see all three of us in a day!

Online Ordering Our cheese is now available to be ordered online at Direct Eats.  All of our "Year Round" cheeses are available and come hand wrapped in reusable cheese paper to maximize shelf life.  Direct Eats even offers free shipping!

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